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Keen Women’s Rose Sandals

So I love these shoes. I bought them on Amazon in July before I came to India for the first time, and so far they have helped me move into my new apartment in LA, travel throughout India, and match with my outfits.

The Rose Sandals by Keen are super comfortable, and I’ve never had blisters, even when they got wet. The strap lets you adjust around your ankle, and the tips keep my toes safe and secure. The rubber sole has excellent grip for whatever terrain you are on. I love that they give me the benefits I need from a hiking shoe while still being lightweight, airy, and stylish.

Although the website says “true to size,” I read the Amazon reviews and so ordered a half size up, which fits perfectly.

Basically, I highly recommend these shoes if you are doing some light hiking or a long day of walking. There’s several colors to choose from – neutral or vibrant – for whatever you like best.

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