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Here goes my first blog post on our blog. Krista was asking me to write some blog posts, but I was saying, I’ll write when she’ll be sleeping. Now she is sleeping (it’s 4 PM IST on Sunday = 3:30AM PST) and I am writing. We were supposed to go out, but we fell asleep. Most of our weekends go like this.

Personally I feel, I have so much to write, as I always feel our relationship is very unique. It’s not just the factor that she is American and I am an Indian, but there are so many other factors which we’ll be explaining in our coming blog posts. I like the uniqueness of our relationship. I learn so much from her, and I love it when she corrects me. Now I can pronounce all US states name correctly (especially Massachusetts). She is an English major and she has so much knowledge about English language. I always wonder how can she figure out that this word’s origin is Greek, Latin, or French etc. oh man it’s out of my head. But I truly appreciate her patience as she explains me the things with so much calm.

In upcoming blog posts, I’ll be writing about my thoughts about our relationship, some funny incidents, our first meeting, proposal day, marriage day, serious discussions, our hangout chats, singing together, crying together, and much more. I always loved writing, but I am not so good at English. I always asked Krista that we should write book on our love story. She suggested that before we decide on book, we should write blog which will be a starting point towards a book.

I’ll be writing about our first meeting in my next post like how I was waiting and checking the flight status in realtime, waiting at airport, spending whole night at airport, our first hug, and people staring at us and asking if we are married (we just met then) lol!

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