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Progress on Aman’s Visa

We are in the process of applying for a CR1 visa for Aman to move to America. This is a conditional residency. The condition being that we were married for less than 2 years when we first applied. Considering our 2 year anniversary is in about 2 months, we will need to apply for an adjustment of status immediately after the CR1 visa is granted (whenever that happens) to a permanent residency.

We submitted our first packet of information (my petition) to the US Visa Center on December 28th, 2018. The petition was approved on August 6th, 2019. A little over a month later, our case was assigned to the US Embassy in Mumbai.

We are currently working on our second packet of information (which is really a lot of the same information). Admittedly, we could have put all of this stuff together while waiting to hear from the Visa Center, but it was nice to not do any paperwork.

Our biggest hurtle right now is how poor I am. Lmao capitalism. As Aman’s sponsor, I need to be able to prove that I can support him and he will not become a financial burden to the US government. In 2018, I did not make enough money to be 125% above the poverty line for two people (what with quitting my job and all), but in 2019, I did. So we are waiting for me to be able to file my 2019 taxes and get my return. Then I can prove that I got the cash money, honey. So really, we don’t have to feel back for take a break because we have to wait on the IRS anyway.

Once we submit the second packet, we’ll wait for the embassy in Mumbai to invite Aman for an interview. This will be to prove that we are actually in a marriage because we love each other, not to commit fraud. That should be pretty easy to prove because I would not be in India this long if I didn’t love him and he would not be doing this much paperwork if he didn’t love me.

After the interview, it shouldn’t be long until the visa is approved. We’ll probably take a couple months to wrap up our lives in India and hope to travel to the US this year, 2020. I’m so looking forward to showing him every little thing about my life and discovering new things with Aman by my side.

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