Visa Things

Tourist Visa to India

How to apply for a tourist e-visa to India The easiest way to take a short trip to India is by applying for an e-visa on the Indian government’s website: Indian Visa Online. It will take about 30 minutes to register, 3-5 business days for approval, and then you’ll be allowed to visit for 60 …

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Wedding Photos

Wedding photos seems like a good place to start as I haven’t posted many to Facebook yet and my target audience is our moms. Photos of me in the red dress are from our Anand Karaj (religious ceremony), and the white dress is the reception dinner. Please enjoy.

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Daily Life

Born to Singh: An Introduction

We’re a curious couple. There’s question about that. But we certainly have received more than a couple curious questions, so we’ll use this first post as an FAQ to introduce ourselves before we move into the bulk of this blog. We’d like to use our platform to further explore our differing and similar interests. We’d …

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