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Immigrant Visa Interview Appointment

After basically a year of nothing, we finally got a date for Aman’s interview!

Next month, he’ll fly to Mumbai for finger printing and questioning by the embassy. All travelers need a negative Covid test before they can board. We’ve printed out pages and pages of photos of us, our wedding, our travels together, us with his family, us with my family. We’ve even screenshotted flirty gchats from work way back in 2015.

I’ve googled different questions they might ask during the interview and have been quizzing him almost daily. Although I’m thinking that to increase the pressure to be more realistic with the actual situation, I should like make him juggle while I throw things at him and scream the questions. Just a thought.

We feel like we have a really good case. Even if he just scrolls through our Instagrams, it’s not hard to tell that we are legit. I really hope this works out. I haven’t seen Aman or Zinni since August – this is the longest we’ve been apart since we met in real life in 2017.


Post-Interview Update

Aman got approved while he was in the interview! That barely ever happens! They didn’t need any time to review or followup on things – just boom!

Aman said he was asked 4 or 5 of the generic questions from the lists we looked at, but one question did throw him. We had practiced quite a bit on answers for “Why do you want to go to the US?” but instead they asked “Why doesn’t your wife want to come to India?” He knew plenty of reasons why but wasn’t really prepared for the question, so he babbled a bit. The interviewer stopped him and had him start over lol

They also only flipped through a few of the photo pages. I think the size of the binder must have been sufficient. They did not look at our chats and text screenshots or even ask about them.

Now that he’s approved, Aman has 6 months to get into the US. We’re going to start looking for services to fly Zinni before he books a flight though. Although I’d love to see him as soon as possible, we don’t want to leave our puppy behind!

I feel so relieved, like a burden has been lifted. The stress of Covid and quarantine and traveling during Covid has been hard enough without the indefinite timing of when I’d see my husband again. Now that we actually have an end date, it feel like real life is about to start again.


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