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5 Months Living in India

People always ask how it’s different living in India is from the US, and I always say, “Everything is different.” But at the same time, things aren’t completely unfamiliar – especially when we are all laying around the living room looking at our iPhones while Amazon Prime plays Jurassic Park with Hindi subtitles.

Mom and Dad looking at mom's phone
The in-laws being cute

I have been living in Amritsar, India with my husband for five consecutive months (this does not count when I was here in September and October), and while things are familiar (mostly) now, they are still quite different.

I’m a little lacking in routine. Sometimes I wake up when my alarm clock sounds. Or I wake up when the street hawkers reach a pitch that vibrates right through my ear plugs. Or I wake up when the electricity goes out and I am a sweaty mess without the air conditioning.

Sometimes I’ll go straight down to the bathroom, fill up the bucket with water, and use a pitcher to dump it on my head for a shower. But other times the washing machine is already running in the bathroom, so I don’t.

Aman’s mom might make us paratha for breakfast. I might make us french toast. Aman and I might hop on the motorcycle and head out for the stall selling aloo wala kulcha.

Eating aloo wala kulcha and cholle (chana)
Aloo wala kulcha and cholle (chana)

We could spend the day a variety of ways: Drive out to see the construction progress on the kothi. Visit the Golden Temple. Go shopping at the mall or the market. Fly kites on the roof.  Visit the relatives. Bowling with the squad. Aman’s favorite is when we play “Punch Karan.” But our most frequent way to spend the day, especially now that it’s well over a 100 (40) degrees, is to share our favorite movies with each other. We’ve watched movies in English, Hindi, Spanish, Urdu (someone’s going to be reading subtitles anyways – we might as well both read them). Wherever we go, I always vote for taking the bike.


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